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Amazon FBA Shipping Process - FBA Shipping Steps


Amazon FBA Shipping Process - FBA Shipping Steps


Convert products to FBA SKUs

Click on Inventory on the home page

Select the SKU to be transferred

In Action, select "Change to Fulfill by Amazon", or after multiple selections, click "Actions" to select "Change to Fulfill by Amazon"

 Amazon FBA Shipping Process - FBA Shipping Steps

Operate the FBA shipping process

Step 1: Set Quantity, then enter the number of products shipped under the unit. If the product packaging size was not entered when uploading the product before, the seller also needs to fill in the product packaging size here. There are two types of Packing Types: Individual products and Case packed products. Individual products are mixed, that is, different products are mixed in boxes, and Case packed products are the same products and the same SKU packed in one box.

The second step: Prepare Products. This step is ignored.

The third step: Is to label Products. Here you need to pay attention to the background to let the seller choose whether Amazon sticks the label or the seller himself sticks it. Of course, sellers save money by labeling themselves. After all, Amazon needs to charge for labeling. If you choose to label the seller yourself, select "Merchant" under "who labels", and select the label paper of the corresponding specification to print the label.

Step 4: Review Shipments, where you can see which warehouse Amazon assigns the seller's products to. Each Shipment name represents each warehouse, and you can see how many products the seller has stored in the warehouse. Sellers need to click "Work on shipment" to continue.

Step 5: Prepare Shipment. In the shipping service, there are shipping methods and shipping carriers for sellers to choose from. Generally, if the weight of the seller's shipment is about 60kg, choose small parcel delivery (SPD). In addition, under the shipping carrier, even if the seller chooses UPS for delivery, I recommend the seller to choose another carrier and select "other" in the drop-down box. Shipping labels That is, the outer box label of the box, then this needs to be printed out and pasted to the outer box when the packaging is completed.

Step 6: summary. Fill in the logistics tracking number, and mark it as shipped when the seller's tracking number is in hand.


AMAZON Warehouse Delivery Requirements

1. The goods more than half of the pallet must be packed in pallets and delivered by trucks of more than 7.5 tons;

2. The pallets stacked in a single layer shall not exceed 1.7 meters, the pallets stacked in double layers shall not exceed 3 meters, and the goods must be loaded and unloaded from the rear of the truck;

3. The pallet for delivery must allow AMAZON PPT/FLT to unload from the rear of the vehicle;

4. The pallets with double layers must be delivered by connecting trucks;

5. The delivered goods cannot be blocked by other non-AMAZON goods;

6. If there is no advance appointment, the AMAZON warehouse will refuse to accept the goods. When making an appointment, make sure that the number of pieces, boxes, and pallets is accurate;

7. A single piece of goods exceeding 15KGS should be palletized;

8. The delivery documents, including the delivery note, must be placed in a conspicuous position;

9. The lift tail must meet the requirements of AMAZON;

10. The goods must arrive within the appointment time (the time difference is allowed within half an hour), if they cannot arrive at the specified time, it must be notified in advance in the relevant appointment email;

11. The delivery truck must ensure the safety of unloading, such as the pallet must not be tilted, the bottom plate of the vehicle must not be damaged, etc.

12. AMAZON will reject any damaged goods during transportation;

13. The height of any vehicle does not exceed 4.2 meters, and must have a complete foldable rear door;

14. Before the unloading is completed, the truck key must be handed over to AMAZON staff;

15. Delivery drivers must wear high-gloss tops and safety shoes.


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