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 Pin it  Zarautz, Spain

 Cody Mcentire – Fs. Cruisen

Cody Mcentire “LIP”

Jordan Hoffart – Fs. 5-0

Darren Miller hyped on Josh Hawkins ripping!

Sun Down

We hit the air, 12 hour flight with a additional 2 hour transfer flight arriving in Bordeaux, France. We met up with the dudes from Hoff Distribution (Ben, Remy) to greet us. They purposed to us we had a 2 hour drive south. We were a little overwhelmed but we were ready to start this trip off right, Straight to the coast of Spain, Heck yea! We headed through country sides mingling around small mountains sides till we arrived at Zarautz, Spain.

We were greeted with paradise views, a dozen year old park with a 10 ft. half pipe  and a small bowl section. We were all so stoked on the location. After a couple of hours of skating we were exhausted, we met the local Iohn. He showed us the local spots to eat and enjoy the area, thanks so much for making our visit rad! At this point we pushed 34 hours of being awake, We couldn’t wait to hit the beds.

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