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This weekends Interview goes to our homie Tom Asta. The newest to the pro scene, has love for REIGN, and is defiantly a super down to earth person. Tom is one of those skaters that all he loves to do day and night is just skate and have fun with the homies. – S.M.

1. Who are the people you skate with on a daily basis?

When I am home I skate with the reign homies kyle frederick, Ed Duff, John Tuck, Shane Colville, Ishod Wair(When he’s home), Justin Berry, Jeremy Wieland aka grampa, Ryan Hilferty, Brian Basheda and some others…. when I’m on the west coast it’s Ian Berry, Ant Travis, Chris Cole, James Hardy, Jimmy Carlin, Trevor Colden, Mike Gilbert, and Jamie Thomas.

2. What is a normal day at the shop like?

Straigh chillen hahaha… get there around 2 and just hang out with the bros. Everyone meets there, get some good, lurk out, go skate for a bit come back to the shop and watch videos.

3. Where is your favorite warm up spot?

Any park. the ones by my house are tight. falls park and newtown park and whitehall.

4. When does the Reign shop video drop?

ahh very good question

5. Why is chick-fil-a your favorite place to eat?

I’ts right around the croner from Reign, so easy and obviously delicious.. so when were at the shop and hungry it’s an easy decision.

6. How does it feel riding for Reign skateshop?

It’s awesome, literally a family .. I rode for a shop in the past and just never cared to support it the way I want to support reign.. all the dudes who own it are awesome and close friends of mine.. I’m just super hyped to be a part of something that involves all my homies and skateboarding so it’s perfect.

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