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This Weekend’s Interview goes out to Luis Tolentino. Luis is the type of skater that you would want on trips, your team, and just around at all times. He is the type skater that will skate anything that’s front of him or any spot that you take him too. He is always cracking jokes and never knows when to stop. Read up and enjoy on what Luis has to say. – S.M.

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1. WHO is currently killing it in NYC?

Billy mcfeely, Rob Gonyon, Shawn Powers, Benny Guerrra, and Rob Campbell.

2. WHAT is like growing up in such a big city?

It’s a blessing because of all the culture’s that it has to offer. so many people from all around the world live here and from my point of view I feel that being around all these people and cultures help me be more open minded. Just wanna mention how flushing queens had the worlds fair back in 1939 when they introudced the television. Just a bit of history i found especially intersting since i grew up skating there.

3. WHERE do you skate when winter hits?

I usually come out to cali and chill with felix and homies out there.

4. WHEN did skating become your life?

skating became my life when  learned how to ollie.

5. WHY don’t you have your own show yet?

It’s because I need to step my game up.

6. HOW come you haven’t driven that beauty of a car of yours cross country yet?

The reason I haven’t driven my car out to cali is because its not ready yet. There are few more things that baby needs for it to be ready for that long jounrey I’m counting the days til that happens. I would love for me to just get in my car and drive for hours without a worry in my mind.

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