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Ian Berry is a homie of ours and has been putting in work for a while now. I love watching the footage he films and edits that he puts out. I truly appreciate watching all the stuff that the Black Box dudes put out. Jamie runs a great camp over there and what perfect person to capture the madness then Ian Berry. – S.M.

1. Who do you film on the daily?

While I am in cali I film with Chris and Jimmy pretty much every weekend. If Tom or Trevor are in town I will go out and film with them too.

2. What was it like filming for Tom Asta color theory part?

It was really fun, we went on a lot of trips specifically based around filming for his and Jimmy’s part. We spent almost 3 weeks in china and most of his lines were from there. I was also able to fly home to philly a bunch and film with him so it was good to be home and get stuff done out there as well.

3. Where do you currently reside at?

I live in encinitas california.

4. When did filming skateboarding become your life?

It was a part of my life for almost 6-7 years just fiming my friends and stuff at home, but it became my job 4 years ago when I got hired with fallen.

5. Why did you make the swtich from VX to HD?

I actually still use both. The cold war video is gonna be all standard footage, so I still bring a vx with me. But I started filming in HD when we began working on Tom’s Color Theory part.

6. How do you feel filming has change since you were growing up?

It’s a job now and skateboarding videos have changed so much. It seems lifestyles and art are more apart of it now, rather than just capturing a trick on tape.

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