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Every filmers brings their own flavor and creates their own image when they make edits of the skaters they film. When I first heard of burger I really thought he was crazy and I did not understand what he was about. I was like is this kid for real right now, but then when I met him at the berrics and kick it with him I really understood his grind and hustle. Read a little and learn who burger is. – S.M.

1. WHO is baby scumbag?

hahah “babyscumbag” is my little 11 years old cousin that I found out he skated like 6 months ago when my mom dropped him off at my house.

2. WHAT is the first thing you do before you go out and film the homies?

check bangbros for updates no joke hahah a couple of my home girls work there ha.

3. WHERE does all the hype you got come from?

It comes from that feeling you get as a team working together on a project and fighting threw all the things that want to stop you from getting where you want to be and achieving it.

4. WHEN are we going to see a full burger film?

A full burger film? hmm thats a good question when my lazy ass gets out there and films it.

5. WHY weren’t we friends 5 years ago?

we weren’t friends 5 years ago because I didn’t know you but then you walked into my life like a raise of hype sunshine no homo hahah

6. HOW did filming skateboarding come into your life?

I sucked at skating and I did the next best thing so I documented it and never put the camera down since.

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