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I meet a lot of skaters every day and end up running into them from time to time out here in Cali. This right here is Addie Fridy from Las Vegas. Addie is one of those skaters you watch in person and love the way they skate and become an instant fan. Read up and learn a little more about him. – S.M.

1. WHO are your current sponsors? Expedition One, Venture Trucks, Supra, Bones Wheels, Stussy LV, Skatecity, Primitive, and Vitamin Water.

2. WHAT feeling do you get when your feet touch your board? It feels great, just being able to step on the board and do whatever you want with it.

3. WHERE do you see yourself in five years? I see myself skating, hopefully traveling the world skating all the sick spots with the homies.

4. WHEN did skateboarding become a part of your life? On my 11th birthday I received a skateboard from my neighbor, and ever since then just never stopped.

5. WHY do Vegas skaters have such a good style? Is it because of the great weather? I don’t think the weather is really great, summer is so hot, and winters are so cold. The weather out here is random.

6. HOW does skating in Vegas compare to LA? Vegas skating is sick because it’s not that big of a city and the freeways are always clear. LA is amazing though. The perfect weather, parks, and spots.

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