Where the Vox are we

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North Carolina was the sickest time thus far! So many spots, so much fun and soooo not allowed back to NC state college. Dan Murphy is the best host you could ask for, down for anything anytime. Besides the ugly strippers and police it was a picture perfect experience. Cook Out burgers, Waffle House breakfast, and plentiful whiskey… i really have nothing negative to say about it besides Dave’s board being shot into a river 2 times. Still after drying it under the lights he continued to kill it. Needless to say Cody “got buck” and  “did the damn thang” at every spot he encountered and left us pondering our existence. Unfortunately we had to pack up the civic and head to Atlanta at the end of it all. “UGE” thank you to Dan and Indy for taking care of us and making sure we had an amazing time! Keep an eye out for the Boston to Baltimore edit coming online ASAP!!!

-Matt Fenell

Photo’s By Nate Legsdin

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