Skateparks of the North East

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Being back in the north east for 2 months, I wanted to skate some random park rather then the same 4 parks in Lowell, Massachusetts. These are some photos I’ve shot of the friends ripping around.

Paul O’Hara Hand Plant / Brad Edwards¬†Cruisen at Willimantic, Connecticut Skatepark: Click here for more info on the park.

Sean Hernandez Fs. Rock at Barlet Skatepark in Lowell, MA Click here for more info on the park

Dave Bachinsky Fs. Air at Portland, Maine Skatepark. Shot By Daniel Bleakney. Click Here for more info on the park

Paul O’Hara Fs. 5-0 around the corner at North Hampton Skatepark. Click here for more info on the park

 Sean Hernandez Bs. Noseblunt at North Hampton Skatepark

Doug Moore Nosepick at Boardwalk Skateshop in Woburn, Massachusetts. This is one of the few indoor parks near Boston. For more info click here

Nicky Lamarche Fs. 5-0 Drop

Doug Moore Fs. Air

Brad Miller Bs. Tail over the Box at Boardwalk Skateshop. Brad Got top 3 at this contest, He rips it up check out his video park from Thanks Camera 3

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