August in New England

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Mid August I was talking to Paul O’Hara about making a mission to this full pipe, that hasn’t been shredded in years. One weekday we drove west to scope out to see if it was even skate-able / what we would need to make it work. After the starring at the hell hole for a bit we decided we would go the following weekend. We brought 2 100ft ropes, 4 Bags of kitty litter and cell phones incase anyone cut the rope. The crew was: Sean Hernandez, Nick Sargent, Brad Edwards, Paul O’Hara & Myself (Dave Bachinsky). We all took a bag of kitty litter and repelled down.  After a hour of cleaning, this is what we got into:

Sean Hernandez & Paul O’Hara 

Sean Hernandez 

Deuce: Paul O’Hara & Dave Bachinsky

Brad Edwards Ripped it up

It’s a wrap! To the next mission!

For more photos click here

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