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I meet a lot of skaters every day and end up running into them from time to time out here in Cali. This right here is Addie Fridy from Las Vegas. Addie is one of those skaters you watch in person and love the way they skate and become an instant fan. Read up and learn a little more about him. – S.M.

1. WHO are your current sponsors? Expedition One, Venture Trucks, Supra, Bones Wheels, Stussy LV, Skatecity, Primitive, and Vitamin Water.

2. WHAT feeling do you get when your feet touch your board? It feels great, just being able to step on the board and do whatever you want with it.

3. WHERE do you see yourself in five years? I see myself skating, hopefully traveling the world skating all the sick spots with the homies.

4. WHEN did skateboarding become a part of your life? On my 11th birthday I received a skateboard from my neighbor, and ever since then just never stopped.

5. WHY do Vegas skaters have such a good style? Is it because of the great weather? I don’t think the weather is really great, summer is so hot, and winters are so cold. The weather out here is random.

6. HOW does skating in Vegas compare to LA? Vegas skating is sick because it’s not that big of a city and the freeways are always clear. LA is amazing though. The perfect weather, parks, and spots.


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This Weekend’s Interview goes out to Luis Tolentino. Luis is the type of skater that you would want on trips, your team, and just around at all times. He is the type skater that will skate anything that’s front of him or any spot that you take him too. He is always cracking jokes and never knows when to stop. Read up and enjoy on what Luis has to say. – S.M.

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1. WHO is currently killing it in NYC?

Billy mcfeely, Rob Gonyon, Shawn Powers, Benny Guerrra, and Rob Campbell.

2. WHAT is like growing up in such a big city?

It’s a blessing because of all the culture’s that it has to offer. so many people from all around the world live here and from my point of view I feel that being around all these people and cultures help me be more open minded. Just wanna mention how flushing queens had the worlds fair back in 1939 when they introudced the television. Just a bit of history i found especially intersting since i grew up skating there.

3. WHERE do you skate when winter hits?

I usually come out to cali and chill with felix and homies out there.

4. WHEN did skating become your life?

skating became my life when  learned how to ollie.

5. WHY don’t you have your own show yet?

It’s because I need to step my game up.

6. HOW come you haven’t driven that beauty of a car of yours cross country yet?

The reason I haven’t driven my car out to cali is because its not ready yet. There are few more things that baby needs for it to be ready for that long jounrey I’m counting the days til that happens. I would love for me to just get in my car and drive for hours without a worry in my mind.


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This weekend’s Interview goes out to our homie Dan Abadi. Dan is one of those skaters who you seen clips of and here and there. The first time I seen Dan was in the city stars video smith grinding this 12 rail in paul’s part wondering who that dude was. Ten years later I am interviewing him and now skating with him, it’s crazy how time flys and theworld works. – S.M.

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1. WHO do you skate with on the regular?

I skate with PRod,Shane oneil, Torey pudwill, Justin schulte, Carlos Zarazua, gonzo, Chance Elridge.

2. WHAT is the skate click all about?

I started the skate click with my friend manny salazar. He has been in school doing web design and asked me if i wanted to start a site. I would also have random footage that wouldn’t make it into videos or guys that would film a good trick and wouldn’t be used. For example warm up tricks of Paul, Shane and Torey are still things people want to see. Our main idea was to be able to put out footage that was really good but not good enough for a video part. I would not only film behind the scenes but there warm up tricks before they got their bangers.

3. WHERE is the warm up spot before you go street skating?

The warm up spots don’t really exist any more for us haha. We practice at the skatepark during the week or at night before we go straight to the spot and hanlde the trick.

4. WHEN are you going to make a how to nollie crook video?

haha any time someone wants to film me, I can get that handled no problem.

5. WHY haven’t the skate click and M.S.A. done a collab yet?

IDK but I feel like big things are going to happen soon, and we both have links going to each others websites for now.

6. HOW do you feel about skating now since you started?

Skating now is defiantly different since I started. When iI started I was strictly a skater looking at skating in only a skateboard prospective. “Get tricks on film and do tricks no one has done yet” Now I look at skating as a way of life. I skate, I film, I shoot photos, edit videos, and just can have fun and make money on what I love and have always loved.


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This weekends interview is defiantly a great one. Malcolm Watson is smooth on a skateboard and effortless with his tricks. I haven’t personally met Malcolm yet but after receiving the finished interview it really shock the hell out of me. The love and drive that he has for skateboarding is truly a beautiful thing. The freedom and feeling that Malcolm gets from riding a skateboard adds up to why we all do it, Read and enjoy on what Malcolm has to say – S.M.

1. Who were your favorite skaters growing up?

I grew up in a very different generation and era in skateboarding. My favorites growing up were Hosoi of course, Eric Dressen, and The whole Powell peralta team from ” The search for animal chin? on down to “Public Domain.” Ray Barbee was dancing on his board in “ban this”. The Alva team ripped, as well as Dogtown guys. The gonz, and lastly Natas. I also Can’t leave out the H street team either. That era will never be duplicated again. It was skateboarding at it purest and rawest form.

2. What motivates you everyday before you go out skating?

My motivation today is that same hunger I had to just wanna go outside and breath in the city on my skateboard back in 1986. It’s indescribable, just that feeling you get rolling around is freedom and excitment. My stress relief from everything going on in the world…

3. Where do you skate on the day to day basis?

My daily spots change with the weather. It’s all a matter of what I feel like skating when I wake up. Some day’s I’ll just wanna cruise at a plaza so I’ll hip up Lincoln Heights or North Hollywood. If i wanna skate manuel pad’s I’ll roll to USC blocks or a spot in Gardena. For ledges you can find me at staples, There’s really no shortage of spots in LA on and off the radar. It’s just a matter of how creative your feeling on that particular day.

4. When are we going to see new Malcolm Watson footage?

I’m constantly filming and working on stuff. Now a days the help of sites like youtube and vimeo along with my skate companies site www.100percentskateboards.com I drop a clip to a mini part once a month. Without the outlet of 411vm or a major project I can still maintain being seen. I wanna drop a mag minute soon though. I’m still working on a few tricks, You know the struggle. Some things worth having don’t come easy, but soon enough I’ll drop something unexpected like bird poop.

5. Why did you move to New York?

I started moving everything months across the US once my wife became a traveling nurse. We could pick where we wanted to live and all the expenses were paid for so we started moving around the east coast until winter time, then we would roll back to some place warm like california to get through the winter season. We were on the road for a good 3 years until the economy took a dump. Now cali is home but the place i miss the most of all my travles is New York and Vancouver because just of the good people, amazing energy in the streets and raw skateboarding.

6. How does skating make you feel?

Skateboarding is freedom! The business side and industry, political side of it sucks but skateboarding in it’s natural form is self medicating. Once you get rid of all the shady fake people involved in it skateboarding is a beautiful thing,Let the good times roll.

“Skateboarding is freedom”


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Skateboarders are unique as soon they take there first step on a skateboard. What i realize over time is that each skateboarder makes a difference in there own way. This weekends interview I give you Brad Cromer who i feel like has made an impact in his own way that other skaters can relate to. The way he just does things on a skateboard are like no other and can not be repeated. Read on and enjoy on what Brad has to say. – S.M.

1. Who is pang? See question 2.

2. What is this Lo-Fi video about?

Well this Lo-Fi video is about everything I’d like to see in a skate video. It’s all vx video edited by me and filmed by my main man pang. I basically want to see if i can handle putting together a legit video that can be watched the whole through short, sweet, good music, good skateboarding, etc.

3. Where are currently at right now?

I’m in Lowell Mass for right now?

4. When does Lo-Fi come out?

I’m aiming for late august early september, but you know how that goes.

5. Why is New York your favorite city?

I just like that theres so many options. It’s super diverse. All kinds of spots and all kinds of skates. Theres just always something to be doing weather your skateboarding or not. It’s basically the same reasons every other skateboarder likes New York City.

6. How do you make everything look so easy when you skate? well…………….. yeah i cant answer that.