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This Weekend’s Interview goes out to our homie Nick Tucker. Nick has been killing it  for the last few years now and its truly amazing to see his progression in skateboarding. He has been one of my favorite am’s for a while now and it’s great to be able to go out and film with him. – S.M.

1. WHO are favorite skaters?

There are so many its hard to pick one, because all the different styles of skating.Definately Koston and Prod are up there in the top list.

2. WHAT is it like growing up in chula vista?

I’m not from chula Vista. I spent a lot of time down there, but i’m from northpark. You got me confused me with daniel rodgriuez. haha

3. WHERE are you currently residing at now?

I am currently living in sherman oaks.

4. WHEN is the next full Nick Tucker video part?

I’ve been working hard to get as much footage as I can, hopefully soon.

5. WHY did you start skateboarding?

When I was 12 years old.

6. HOW does it feel having amazing nollie inward heelflips?

haha thanks, I’ve been watching Reynolds do them for so long, i really wanted to learn them. So i tried forever and it worked out. That dude is the king of that trick though!


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Every filmers brings their own flavor and creates their own image when they make edits of the skaters they film. When I first heard of burger I really thought he was crazy and I did not understand what he was about. I was like is this kid for real right now, but then when I met him at the berrics and kick it with him I really understood his grind and hustle. Read a little and learn who burger is. – S.M.

1. WHO is baby scumbag?

hahah “babyscumbag” is my little 11 years old cousin that I found out he skated like 6 months ago when my mom dropped him off at my house.

2. WHAT is the first thing you do before you go out and film the homies?

check bangbros for updates no joke hahah a couple of my home girls work there ha.

3. WHERE does all the hype you got come from?

It comes from that feeling you get as a team working together on a project and fighting threw all the things that want to stop you from getting where you want to be and achieving it.

4. WHEN are we going to see a full burger film?

A full burger film? hmm thats a good question when my lazy ass gets out there and films it.

5. WHY weren’t we friends 5 years ago?

we weren’t friends 5 years ago because I didn’t know you but then you walked into my life like a raise of hype sunshine no homo hahah

6. HOW did filming skateboarding come into your life?

I sucked at skating and I did the next best thing so I documented it and never put the camera down since.


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Ian Berry is a homie of ours and has been putting in work for a while now. I love watching the footage he films and edits that he puts out. I truly appreciate watching all the stuff that the Black Box dudes put out. Jamie runs a great camp over there and what perfect person to capture the madness then Ian Berry. – S.M.

1. Who do you film on the daily?

While I am in cali I film with Chris and Jimmy pretty much every weekend. If Tom or Trevor are in town I will go out and film with them too.

2. What was it like filming for Tom Asta color theory part?

It was really fun, we went on a lot of trips specifically based around filming for his and Jimmy’s part. We spent almost 3 weeks in china and most of his lines were from there. I was also able to fly home to philly a bunch and film with him so it was good to be home and get stuff done out there as well.

3. Where do you currently reside at?

I live in encinitas california.

4. When did filming skateboarding become your life?

It was a part of my life for almost 6-7 years just fiming my friends and stuff at home, but it became my job 4 years ago when I got hired with fallen.

5. Why did you make the swtich from VX to HD?

I actually still use both. The cold war video is gonna be all standard footage, so I still bring a vx with me. But I started filming in HD when we began working on Tom’s Color Theory part.

6. How do you feel filming has change since you were growing up?

It’s a job now and skateboarding videos have changed so much. It seems lifestyles and art are more apart of it now, rather than just capturing a trick on tape.

Follow Ian on Twitter @IANMBERRY


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This Weekend’s Interview goes out to Canada’s very own Jordan Hoffart. I just recently met him during dew tour utah stop through manny. It’s nuts when something you create has people like Jordan talking about it, such an amazing feeling. i have been putting in work for a long time now and to be able to witness some of it in person is a true blessing,Read and learn a little about Jordan S.M.

1. Who do you skate with on the regular?

It switches up pretty often. Basically who ever is in town on that day like Chris troy, Anthony schmaltz, or some of NS homies. Josh Hawkins is moving in with me soon, so imagine we will be shredding the streets together pretty often.

2. What is Beast Mode?

It’s a reminder of what the f*ck your doing with your life. I spray it on my grip tape so when I look down I can remember to go for it and leave it all on the table. Home made grip brand for anyone who wants a piece!

3. Where are you from?

My dads nut sack via mummas vagina.

4. When are you dropping a new full length part?

Not sure of the date yet but i’d like to sooner then later. Josh and I are messing around with the idea of releasing a DUET video part. Maybe on my birthday like manny, but i don’t think 1-28-12 has a good ring to it haha!

5. Why are Bone Swiss the fastest bearings out?

Because unlike the majority of bearings that were made for machines, all bones bearings are designed and tested strictly for skateboarding. So the testing is extra through and specific.

6. How do i get some of your Beast Mode products?

Just gotta ask, I got you. As for the general public, I got beastmodesb.com in the works. So you’ll be able to buy online come january. Sorry for the wait!!!

Follow: @HassleHoffart


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This weekends Interview is a true blessing and an amazing one. Chico has been one of my favorite skaters for a very long time and now to be able to interview him is unreal. Chico style on a skateboard is something else and can not be define. – S.M.

1. Who do you skate with on the regular basis? Whoever from the fam is around, usually daniel castillo or kelly hart.

2. What was feeling like to have your shoe drop on cinco de mayo? Like i said before i did that shoe on behalf of my kids that are half mexican so it was cool to celebrate and drop the shoe that day..

3. where are your favorite spots to skate during the week? any streets spots that you could skate during the week is always good or sometimes the local plazas stoner or lincoln are fun with the homies.

4. When is the new choclate video coming out? We are working hard to hopefully drop it at the end of the year.

5. Why wil this video stand out from the rest of the chocolate videos? cause vincent Alvarez and the new ams are going to have insane parts.

6. How will this part compare to your last parts?

I want to try to film most of my part in Latin America, I think there’s amazing spots out there that haven’t been murder and look dope on film. But at the end I’m just going to do me like always and have fun on my skateboard.

7. How is your shop in Nicaragua Central doing? The shop is doing great, it;s been two years. My family runs it over there and i handle all the buying here. I also been doing some homie’s and bring them down to my home land, stay at my house in the


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This weekends interview goes to our homie Dave Bachinsky who is clearly my personal favorite and one of the best skateboarders out there. The tricks he does when he skates mini or goes street skating are truly unbelievable. I promise you when you watch Dave skate for less then 5 mins you know its going to be a good session. – S.M.

“Amazement can be measured in talent of any human being if used right and dave clearly will amaze you”

1. Who has your favorite part in SHAPE DEUCE?

Two many! Serge Murphy, John Coyne – Matt Fennell’s collaboration.

2. What is the feeling like now that the video is over?

Another project to work on! Think video is in progress, between filming and finding new spots. I’m brimmed up as always.

3. Where are you currently residing at?

Stuart Florida: My winter get away from Massachusetts, I’m gonna be heading up to New England in a week and a half.

4. When is the new Think video dropping?

Hopefully by the end of the summer, beats me…

5. Why does every single mini ramp trick you do look so easy?

The hours trying to get that right one ha, I’m hyped on fakie tricks right now. I need to find some pools to get a line together!

6. How do you skate a 7.5 board and jump down big stuff without gettting robbed from it?

I’ve been riding 7.5’s for 9 years, it feels right. I ride loose ventures trucks and i still don’t get robbed with wheel bite. It’s proper setup for me I suppose.


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Talent comes from within from all of us, when it gets release it shine brighter then the sun. This weekend’s interview goes to Chaz Oritz who shines bright in the streets and on the contest scene. – S.M.

1. Who inspires you?

My family, friends and everyone who rides a skate board!

2. What is great about chicago from all the other places you visited?

It’s a chill place, a lot of good skaters, everyone is just down to skate and have fun.

3. Where were you when you turn pro?

I’m not sure hah i think at my house when they told me i was HYPED!!!

4. When did you feel that skateboarding was going to be your life?

Not until like a year or two ago.

5. Why did you pick skaeboarding over anything else?

From my cousins but skating is like no other sport you can never conquer it there’s always more u can learn which makes it fun everytime you step on your board.

6. How will this year be different from last year for you?

Not sure but looking forward to it !!


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Rodney Torres is someone i admire as a skateboarder and as a person. When i here Rodney’s name i instantly think of all the good things he is doing for the city and queens. His is skating is priceless and so are his words, sit back and read up on what Torres has to say. – S.M.

1. Who are new skaters coming up in nyc?

There are so many kids killing it in NYC right now. Luis Tolentino, Shawn Powers, Joseph Delgado, Leo Heinert, Kevin Tierney, Dave Willis, Nick Sassa, Bobby Izzo, Andrew Valencia, Alejandro Batista, Steve Lora, and Dwaynne Almonte. These are just a few of the standouts that I can think of right now, but the list just goes on and on.

2. What is like skating in new york during the winter?

Skating in NYC during the winter is rough, but there are a few places you can sesh. During the winter season, I like going to skate the miniramp at KCDC, the HOMAGE warehouse, HOUSE of VANS, Oil City in Long Island, and DROP IN skate park upstate in Hillburn, NY. It just all depends on how motivated you are to go skate when it’s below freezing temperatures outside.

3. Where are the best spots located in N.Y.?

The best spots are located all over NYC, and it’s five borough’s. You just have to go out and cruise around. You’ll find them.

4. When did skating become your life?

Skating became my life the day I stepped on a skateboard. That was in 1990 and I haven’t put the board down since.

5. Why is living in new york different from anywhere else you have been too?

Living in NYC is different because of everything else the city has to offer outside of skateboarding. The city is exciting, full of adventure mixed in with ethnic diversity, and culture. The lifestyle is so intriguing that it’s constantly attracting people from all over the world to come experience the thrill. There’s no place like home for me.

6. How does feel having a pro board for zoo york?

Having a board on Zoo feels good. Growing up, I always looked up to the original Zoo team riders in NYC like Jeff Pang, Ryan Hickey, Harold Hunter, Peter Bici, Frank Natiello, Chris Keefe, Loki, Hamilton Harris, and Mike Hernandez. I’m honored to be apart of the brand and generation they paved the way for, and so psyched to have a board out on Zoo.

Who,What,Where,When,Why,How: Felix

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“Eveywhere We Go” has not only been a long journey for the crew but has been a great success. I got the opportunity to interview Felix and asked him questions in a different way. This is the first of many interviews to drop, so what better way to start things off with Felix. – S.M.

1. Who’s your favorite part in the video?

Luis’s he did the most “raw skating” just pushing limits in the streets…

2. What motivated you during the filming of everywhere we go?

The team motivates me, i surround myself with pitbulls so you get tougher…if you roll with kitty cats you’ll end up pussy.

3. Where did filming for a video come into play?

Everything i touch is official or will quickly become that way. i enjoy building programs, brands, careers etc… i find great satisfaction in strengthening my surroundings. If your gonna have a skateboard program your gonna have a video… period!

4. When did filming for the video ever get stressful?

I couldn’t make a trick overseas i never had such a slump in my life, i actually had thoughts of pulling myself out of the video… But if you ENDURE YOU CONQUER!

5. Why did you pick Joe Krolick and Arron Brown to film and edit the video?

Those guys eat and breath skateboarding like i do. They are even harsher critics than i am. So flanking myself with the best i knew i would be able to deliver the goods. My last beginning to end skateboarding video was the Rhythm video Genesis with Ty Evan and Jose Gomez 14 years ago. I think the famous video will also be talk about later on down the line.

6. How do you feel about the video being done?

I am never satisfied in my work, i never have the feeling that i have done enough. I have this attitude: i always think i could do more, i could do better. – Karl Lagerfeld