CCS HYPE: Get Set Up With Paul Rodriguez

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Sit down with Paul Rodriguez and get set up like pro as he discusses his most current set up with CCS. See what size Plan B board he’s recently upgraded to, check out his wheel choice, his new signature trucks from Venture, his Grizzly grip tape and unique bolt arrangements.

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This weekends interview goes to our homie Dave Bachinsky who is clearly my personal favorite and one of the best skateboarders out there. The tricks he does when he skates mini or goes street skating are truly unbelievable. I promise you when you watch Dave skate for less then 5 mins you know its going to be a good session. – S.M.

“Amazement can be measured in talent of any human being if used right and dave clearly will amaze you”

1. Who has your favorite part in SHAPE DEUCE?

Two many! Serge Murphy, John Coyne – Matt Fennell’s collaboration.

2. What is the feeling like now that the video is over?

Another project to work on! Think video is in progress, between filming and finding new spots. I’m brimmed up as always.

3. Where are you currently residing at?

Stuart Florida: My winter get away from Massachusetts, I’m gonna be heading up to New England in a week and a half.

4. When is the new Think video dropping?

Hopefully by the end of the summer, beats me…

5. Why does every single mini ramp trick you do look so easy?

The hours trying to get that right one ha, I’m hyped on fakie tricks right now. I need to find some pools to get a line together!

6. How do you skate a 7.5 board and jump down big stuff without gettting robbed from it?

I’ve been riding 7.5’s for 9 years, it feels right. I ride loose ventures trucks and i still don’t get robbed with wheel bite. It’s proper setup for me I suppose.