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S.M.T.V. Axion “Trying To Live” 2011 Trip

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I went on a 2 week trip with the Axion team and documented history. These four parts are not only a reply of my trip with team but defiantly going to be a big impactful moment in my life, and i am gonna remember this forever. I learned so much just being on a trip with a team like this. We all got a long like brothers and taught each other new things. – S.M.


S.M.T.V. Season 3 “Trying To Live” PT.12

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I would not change anything about this trip. This trip ended in a all time high. I always dreamed about going on skate trips with a crew like this and now to be able to film them is a blessing.

Time flys, tricks were landed, moments were captured, and all we were doing was

“Trying To Live”

stay tuned for the full “Trying To Live” Doc coming soon. – S.M.


S.M.T.V. Season 3 “Trying To Live” PT.9

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The day started out like any other day but this time we were headed to TransWorld park to film a team montage for the site. Manny was still hurt, kyle knee was still a little tweak, everyone else was tired from skating and the TradeShow. When we pulled up and got out of the van to stretch everyone kick it into high gear and went off. – S.M.