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Skateboarding has taken me all over the wolrd and I would of never thought I would see it with my own eyes. when you ride your skateboard you are always pushing to that next level and always trying to out do yourself. When you have the opportunity to travel to the next city, state, or country because of it you know that you have traveled far enough to see it because of your skateboard. – S.M.



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This week’s Tip Tuesday is “MONUMENTAL” because this photo that you’re all looking at was shot when I was 16 years old skating with a young Harvey Soto. It’s so incredible to see your friends grow up and become the things they always wanted to be. Harvey was one of those dudes that always motivated me growing up and I thought I was crazy for doing the things that I did, but now we are all laughing and enjoying the good times. Check out Harvey Soto’s music video for “Skate”. – S.M.

“Follow your dreams and believe in your passion”

TIP TUESDAY: “Jonny5Skate”

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This week’s Tip Tuesday goes out too Jonny Hernandez who has been one of the most youngest dedicated skaters I ever work with in these last few months. I see the drive and potential he has for a 12 year old. I know that all of you will be hearing his name in the many years to come. Be on the look out for his first ever video part to drop in a couple of months. – S.M.


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 This week’s Tip Tuesday I pick the word “DRIVEN” for the right reason, who do you know close to you in your circle as driven as you are. I am surround by pure greatness ever which way I look around in my circle of friends. I am blessed to have the opportunity to work with some of the best skaters in the world. The point I am making here is that Felix is that Driven Individual, from riding his skateboard to creating something from scratch he makes it possible for you one day to set the path for others coming up. I shot this photo not thinking of anything of it til I looked through my phone today realizing that if you put your mind to anything you can achieve it and felix is a prime example of it. – S.M.


TIP TUESDAY: “History”

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I got too visit a historical skate spot which many of you know or have seen in past videos this past weekend, while visiting Houston, Texas. I had that happy feeling when you see something on a tv then go see it for the first time in person and just admire it. I know all of you know that can’t stop talk about it feeling when your mind is blown away in real life. This rail has so much “HISTORY” behind it with many more to come. – S.M.



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 In today’s day and age we all have something we want to prefect. However, we must all have a “CONSISTENT” flow with it in order to accomplish that. For me, that’s skateboarding. When I skate I can honestly say that by keeping up my consistency I can do anything I set my mind to. Riding my board  truly pushes away all my worries in the world. – S.M.  

“Never stop and always keep on pushing”  

Tip Tuesday: “FEELING”

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 The person you see standing tall on that lengthly loading dock is Addie Fridy and if you have been to this spot you would know. Addie has been staying at the HQ with us and wanted to skate this gap for a while now. I had this “Feeling” that something was going to go down last night. Addie skateboarding ability is effortless and no doubt has pure dedication for his craft. The feeling of riding away on your skateboard can not compare to anything on this planet and Addie did just that. – S.M.

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Tip Tuesday: “Excitement”

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This week’s Tip Tuesday is right on point with the word I chose. I feel “Excitement” when I see two of my favorite things to do captured in one photo. I really want all of you to look closely at this picture and understand the concept behind it. I shot this of Nigel and Money Mike filming at jkwon last week. This pucture makes me feel excitement to see skateboarding being captured on a video camera. I enjoy knowing that the things we capture on our video cameras are irreplaceable. The fact that we can always turn back to our favorite videos is indescribable. What we do on an everyday basis will live on forever and we can always turn back to it. – S.M.


Tip Tuesday: “Growth”

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This week’s Tip Tuesday is “GROWTH”. I remember being young like my little cousin Brian wondering if I would ever grow up…
I had the opportunity to go home this past weekend and see my mother for Mother’s Day. The whole family was there and I had the opportunity to see my little cousin Brian skate. I gave him his board when he was 6 years old and now, 6 years later I saw him skating and thought to myself how fast we grow whether we realize it or not. However, growing up shouldn’t require a person to be boring; keep growing today, tomorrow, and always but do remember to keep some of that kid mentally so when you get older life never gets dull. – S.M.