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HOMIE HYPE: Jordan Hoffart

Here’s a Firing Line from Jordan Hoffart for Thrasher Magazine

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Here’s Eli Reed‘s Firing Line from Thrasher Magazine

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Spent the weekend at THRASHER filming a AXION “Double Rock”, we be Bolting!

Thrasher Magazine Park.

Kevin warming up with this dope Backnose blunt stall.

Elissa Steamer.

Tony “Motherf*cking” Vitello

Not all days end well, but best believe I had a blast!

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Axion team took a week trip to S.F. and filmed a Double Rock. Limon came onto the sesh and killed it as well. The team was trap in a warehouse for a week and came out with this bangin montage. – S.M.

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Ask The Phelper: Mike Maldonado

Mike Maldonado sat down with Jake Phelps and talked about east coast skating, axion, and whats in stored for the near future. – S.M.

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HYPE: Crossroads Besttrick Contest Footage

Everyone killed it this weekend by looking at all the footage but watching the stuff that manny did was unreal and mind blowing my head hurts after watching that, whatever you are eating i need to get on that program homie - S.M.

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First THINK Skateboards AD

Oh man i remember this day! So
Dan Zaslavsky is in town from SF to
shoot Dave and I, trying to think of a spot
to shoot my FIRST ad was hard since we been
skating BOSTON for so long….Then i
remembered about the M.I.T college rail,
got there and warmed up….Threw a couple
kickflip 50-50, finally landed one and off to
the KICKFLIP KROOK! haha i battle it for like 20
minutes before getting kicked out….i was bummed
because it was my first chance of shooting a
AD for THINK and i blew it so i told Justin Hogan lets go
back, so we did like an hour later….another
20 minutes later, i rode away! haha so hyped,
called Dan and told him….Next thing you know it
boom! THINK AD….One of the happiest days opening
up that THRASHER Magazine….

Thats My first THINK Ad Story!

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