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MSA presents “LIVE&LEARN” with Manny Santiago, you get a insight on Manny’s adventures in his everyday life. In this episode Manny gathers the crew up for a session at “Stoner Park” with Dave Bachinsky, Terell Robinson, Paul Rodriguez, Shane O’neil. After the skate session they head to Veggie Grill for some food were they decide to skate the Berrics before the tattoo session with Terell Robinson at Manny’s house. Manny’s quite the prankster and cons Spanish Mike into getting his first tattoo ever, watch and enjoy his life and everyday skate adventures, WEPA!

Tip Tuesday: “Table & A Dream”

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This might sound crazy but I realized this after I shot this photo. The term Table and a Dream came from this beautiful background of the hollywood sign and this amazing panic table, speaking for many skaters out there who aren’t from California can relate. The first thing that comes into your head being a skater when someone mentions california you think of picnic tables or butter benches. This picture says so much being a skater and moving to california and making a dream a reality. Many skaters skate and become actors or comedians or even musicians but the first love and passion is there skateboard. I will never forget the day I pick up my skateboard and took my first push that would guide me to all of my dreams. – S.M.

Photo Update 10/27/12

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Hyped to be shipping out my first order of the MSA iPhone 4 cases! Thanks for the support guys!

Yup, Reda is down for the MSA iPhone 4 case. Get yours while you can by clicking “MSA Store” at the top left or by following this link!

Got some warm up back 5050’s… out filming for “Salt N’ Pepper”.

Photo By: Daniel Rodriguez

Here’s a picture that surfaced on Facebook today that I thought was pretty cool. It’s a throwback picture that shows Spanish Mike filming Lil Jonny at Street LeagueManny‘s in the top left corner also!

Photo Updates 9/14/12

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Ronnie Creager working on his signature OC Ramps skate obstacle! Drops in October!

Thanks to Skull Candy for hooking me up with some head phones. Ready for the South Africa “Maloof Money Cup” now!

Thanks to Spanish Mike, Felix, and Tania for the piñata LA birthday surprise!

New *AMMO* stuff in the works! 2013…?

Nollie Flip_OCRamps_Ronnie Creager Signature “Bump Flat 2 Stair” out in 2 weeks!

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