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Tip Tuesday: “Table & A Dream”

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This might sound crazy but I realized this after I shot this photo. The term Table and a Dream came from this beautiful background of the hollywood sign and this amazing panic table, speaking for many skaters out there who aren’t from California can relate. The first thing that comes into your head being a skater when someone mentions california you think of picnic tables or butter benches. This picture says so much being a skater and moving to california and making a dream a reality. Many skaters skate and become actors or comedians or even musicians but the first love and passion is there skateboard. I will never forget the day I pick up my skateboard and took my first push that would guide me to all of my dreams. – S.M.


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“The Troop went to Puerto Rico to spread the word, film for “New Years Revolution“, and hold the first annual “Prince of Puerto Rico” contest. We hope you enjoy a this glimpse into the experience we had on the “Isla de Encanto”. ” – *AMMO*

Tip Tuesdays: “WISH”

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This week’s Tip Tuesdays is something we all do on a daily basis when there is something we all want in life. My “WISH” came true after turning 21 and celebrating it out west. The fact that I pick up left without thinking twice was not only part of wishing it but was a goal of mine for years. I think your dreams are bigger then the world is if you don’t give up. – S.M.

S.M.T.V. Axion “Trying To Live” 2011 Trip

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I went on a 2 week trip with the Axion team and documented history. These four parts are not only a reply of my trip with team but defiantly going to be a big impactful moment in my life, and i am gonna remember this forever. I learned so much just being on a trip with a team like this. We all got a long like brothers and taught each other new things. – S.M.


S.M.T.V. Season 3 “Trying To Live” PT.12

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I would not change anything about this trip. This trip ended in a all time high. I always dreamed about going on skate trips with a crew like this and now to be able to film them is a blessing.

Time flys, tricks were landed, moments were captured, and all we were doing was

“Trying To Live”

stay tuned for the full “Trying To Live” Doc coming soon. – S.M.


S.M.T.V. Season 3 “Trying To Live” PT.8

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Being the new dude on the trip always has its break in points. I thought i was gonna get away easy on my first trip, well i guess not. The next day was thrilling because we woke up and warm up our legs in the parking lot skating flat for a bit then headed off to some spots that the homie larry took us too, where kyle killed everything in site. This is why kyle gets the M.V.S. award this trip. – S.M.