“Where The Vox Are We” Europe

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Downtown Bayonne, France

Classic Bayonne

1 Night stand for the night rider

Bayonne, Spain Skate shop – Identy

Madrid Saw ya kabobs dude

Jordan Hoffart 5050

North Brigade Skatepark Jordan Hoffart

Later Koln Germany

Bayonne, France: A older looking city with waterways tangling throughout town, shutter windows on every building giving off a classic vibe. We didn’t get to skate anything in the down town but we did stop by Identy skate shop for a signing. It seemed like a ton of kids were stoked on the skate scene. At night Darren & I explored the downtown to shoot some photos and kick around town, I brought my bike to enjoy a cruise. Everyone was out n’ about enjoying the bars surrounding the canals. All of a sudden I heard a weird clicking noise and my back tired locked up. I looked down and the cog was stripped and the gear system was bent it. It was a wrap for the night rider for the trip.

Madrid – Spain: We took a 4 hour drive from Bordeaux, France south to hit Madrid. We showed up to amazing skatepark with kids shredding. It was filled with everything & flowed super good, Check out the Video posted below to see some of the demo, they also posted a page with all the photos from the demo click here. Thanks Welcome skate shop for having us! This place is worth visiting again, filled with amazing food and awesome people. It seemed like we only saw 1/4 of the city, It was filled with spots.

Koln (Cologne), Germany: A city that got rebuilt around the 1960’s. This place is packed with people, there’s actually more people biking around then cars on the road. We stayed at a awesome Hostel / Bar that was skater owned, If you end up visiting make sure you get in touch with this guys. We had a demo on the outer skirts of town at North Brigade Skatepark, It’s was a awesome turn out, thanks for having us, it was a wicked time.

Dave Bachinsky

Madrid, Spain: Welcome Skate Shop Demo 


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 Pin it  Zarautz, Spain

 Cody Mcentire – Fs. Cruisen

Cody Mcentire “LIP”

Jordan Hoffart – Fs. 5-0

Darren Miller hyped on Josh Hawkins ripping!

Sun Down

We hit the air, 12 hour flight with a additional 2 hour transfer flight arriving in Bordeaux, France. We met up with the dudes from Hoff Distribution (Ben, Remy) to greet us. They purposed to us we had a 2 hour drive south. We were a little overwhelmed but we were ready to start this trip off right, Straight to the coast of Spain, Heck yea! We headed through country sides mingling around small mountains sides till we arrived at Zarautz, Spain.

We were greeted with paradise views, a dozen year old park with a 10 ft. half pipe  and a small bowl section. We were all so stoked on the location. After a couple of hours of skating we were exhausted, we met the local Iohn. He showed us the local spots to eat and enjoy the area, thanks so much for making our visit rad! At this point we pushed 34 hours of being awake, We couldn’t wait to hit the beds.

Dave Bachinsky