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The homies over at tampa skatepark are in the contest east vs west over at transworld, so  go on the site and vote – S.M.

HYPE: Connor “Birthday” Galvin

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December 6th was Connor birthday so we decided to get breakfast to start the day off right

Connor also owns this elevator on his birthday

the love of my life and the one thing i can’t forget is my skateboard

The push of a birthday, today is Connor day to rip

he was too hype, he skated everything in site on the way to breakfast

The best place for soup and a dope breakfast spot everyone will agree with this

he is hype and panera was a good choice to eat this morning

Connor was hype to have steve the photography come out on his birthday mish thanks again steve

Tampa baby on the way to the park, this is gonna be fun

we made it to the park now its time to get our shred on

This picture shows how hype connor is

The Famous tampa hallway so many skaters have skate through this many years very historical

time to shred

great choice for a birthday dinner

The Birthday was over but Connor will still shredding and partying like its his birthday everyday, this kid rips stay tune for the video from this day – S.M.