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Paul Rodriguez Talks LIFE, Acting, & Skateboarding

Paul Rodriguez stopped through NYC this week to talk to Tim Brodhagen about “LIFE” with Paul Rodriguez, his new show on Network A debuting October 23. Paul also reveals that he still stresses before big contests and that his ultimate goal after his skate career ends is to become a serious actor. There’s never a dull moment in this “LIFE.”

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Lil Wayne Compares Skateboarding To Rapping

Lil Wayne brought New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward a blast of positivity at the DEWeezy skate park grand opening with Paul Rodriguez and Theotis Beasley. After skating the park, Weezy reveals how his experience as a skateboarder compares to music in his life and his main goal of legitimately getting on a flow program. Dew skaters P-Rod and Theotis also talk about what it’s like to skate with Wayne.

The DEWeezy skate park project, spearheaded by Lil Wayne with support from Mountain Dew, aims to help revitalize the Katrina-ravaged neighborhood through skateboarding. Fellow Dew Team skaters Keelan Dadd, Justin Schulte, Cody Davis, Boo Johnson, & Carlos Zarazua also skated during the epic first session.

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Interview With Manny Santiago

Thanks to Anthony Pappalardo & VICE for the interview, we talked about skateboarding, swords, gangs, and Lowell, MA. Check it out here http://www.vice.com/read/i-talked-to-manny-santiago-about-skateboarding-swords-gangs-and-lowell-ma!

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Bow+Arrow Summer Montage & Full BK Part

Check out the summer promo 2012 and a full part from Brian “BK” Kennedy from Bow+Arrow! Bow+Arrow is a brand from Boston based on the love for skateboarding and partying. Also be sure to check out the new summer collection at www.bowplusarrow.com!

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FTV EPISODE #48: Felix At Street League

Watch Felix Arguelles talk about / skate at the Street League course!

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HOMIE HYPE: Paul Rodriguez

Check out this video of Paul Rodriguez showing you the spot he grew up skating… the spot that gave him a career, haha.

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Rafael Pereira X Forgive Me For The Wait

Check out Mr. SkateCity himself in his very own “FORGIVE ME FOR THE WAIT!!!” Part. Rafael Pereira is back on the skateboarding scene.

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G-Shock X Complex: Rafael Pereira featuring the GA150-7A Mens Digital Watch

Transit Authority – For those who know where to look, New York City is one giant playground—or skate park, or even surf paradise. Between the bankers and the goodfellas, the hipsters and the hustlers, there is a thriving community of action sports athletes. This skater Rafael Pereira knows that NYC is as raw as any place on earth for slashing, grinding, and barrel riding, and the G-Shock models they wear are just as sick, and as durable, as the city itself.

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Nike Skateboarding: Taiwan Trip

Justin Brock, Youness Amrani, and Wieger Van Wageningen travel to Taiwan with Nike Skateboarding European destroyers Marek Zaprazny and Daniel Lebron.

Video By: Dan Magee, Anthony Claravall

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Harvey Soto: Stickers!

 Here’s a picture of 250 “Oh Hey What’s Up Man” stickers! I’m just going to give them out to my local friends & hopefully you see them around somewhere! - Harvey Soto

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