AXION: Mijo Giveaway

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Check out this picture from Manny‘s Facebook Fan Page with a caption that read “heading to Hollenbeck plaza at 12, first kid I see that’s a 9.5 gets a pair of my worn already, but in good condition, pro Axion shoe, the “Mijo” that is released in August”.

A few minutes later, “out the car and @AdrianGHETTOvet won them! #Hyped #MSA #AXION #MIJO”.

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AXION/GRIZZLY: Mijo’s & Grip coming soon!

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 Check out this picture that Manny took from his phone of his upcoming pro model grip and shoes.  The pro colorway from Grizzly Griptape will be available soon online at or at skate shops near you. The second photo was a “behind the scenes” shot from Grizzly of Manny taking the first picture. His first pro model shoe from Axion, The “Mijo“, will be available in August. Make sure to support Manny and grab both! – Harvey Soto

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