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Throwback Thursday: Manny Santiago

This week’s Throwback Thursday goes to Manny Santiago with a gap to Frontside Nosegrind in Boston 

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Hype - posted on May 3, 2011 by

SHAPE DEUCE HYPE: Manny Santiago

Manny’s part is up and running for all of you to see, so order your copy of SHAPEDEUCE right now on there website for $15 bucks with free shipping. – S.M.

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Photo Friday - posted on April 29, 2011 by

Photo Friday: John Desimas

This weeks Photo Friday goes to homie John Desimas with this back smith in Boston, you can see some more footy of john in Elliots sk8 video “Sea Level” or some clips in SHAPE DEUCE that just dropped!

Photo: Nate Legsdin

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Hype - posted on April 29, 2011 by

3k Hype: Dave Bachinsky “Firing Line”

Dave comes out swinging! wait till you see the rest of his SHAPE DEUCE part!

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The last and final trailer of Shape Deuce, so after your done watching this order your copy today before its to late. – S.M.


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Today is a Birthday filled with style and that person name is Tommy Kruper. The great thing about that is tommy has a full part in Shape Deuce, so click on the link and purchase your copy today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOMIE – S.M.

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I just want to give everyone a brief review of the video and explain how sick owning it will be. The Shape Deuce video is crew of friends skating, drinking, partying and making moments history while having a good time doing it. The video you all have been waiting for is now on dvd and able to buy online. click on the SHAPE DEUCE link and order yours today. – S.M.

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Shape Deuce New Premiere Date

Lets have a Good Time once again with the Shape crew this weekend. Cancel your family vacations, your girlfriends anniversary, and cut out of work early because this is a night you will all remember. Shape Deuce copies will be available the night of the premiere but if you can’t make it they will have it on there site for sale so click this


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Spanish Mike TV - posted on March 7, 2011 by

S.M.T.V. Season 3 “Double Deuce” PT.1&2

This week is BoardWalk week and i went to boston for the Shape Deuce premiere. The day started off with me and manny skating up to his local coffee shop in lowell to get some website stuff done. The day went on and we met up with nicky, and serge where they were skating this 4 stair like they were kids again. The crew and i went back to manny’s crib and kick it til it was showtime, which was boardwalk that is. Guest edit on part 2 by Manny - S.M.

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Slay Sundays: Manny Santiago

This weekends Slay Sundays goes out to Manny Santiago. Manny told me he had 2 HD clips leftover to be slayed this weekend. SHAPE DEUCE premiered, and Manny defiantly Slayed all this weekend. stay tune for the dvd release of shape deuce - S.M.

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