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Live & Learn Episode 7: Street League Pro Open

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LIVE AND LEARN EPISODE 7 brings us to STREET LEAGUE with Manny Santiago and manny more!

First Manny hits the smoothie shop with his crew to start the day, then they go to the POWERHOUSE concert to see whats happening south of L.A.

Manny almost loses his car because he leaves it running in the parking lot by accident.

Then the crew rolls to Street League practice at the 6th and Mill NIKE park. The day ends with everyone skating the park and Manny has a sick session with Luan Oliveira, Ishod Wair, Shane O’neill and more! Wepa!

Live & Learn Episode 6: Bon Voyage Bastien

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MSA presents “LIVE&LEARN” with Manny Santiago, where you get an insight on Manny’s adventures in his everyday life.

In this episode: We say goodbye to Bastien Salabanzi, who stayed at Manny’s for some time, but not before taking him to get breakfast, meet Sinbad, skate The Berrics Westchester Park and having fun at Dave & Busters before rushing to the airport just in time for Bastien’s flight back to France.

See you in a Month Bastien!