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CLASSIC CLIPS HYPE: Scott Kane Trailer

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Joe Krolick has been filming for over 15 years now and captured some of the most amazing skating ever. This trailer defines history right here. Scott Kane has been one of my favorite skaters ever since the Bootleg 3000 video and now to see the stuff that Joe and has of him thats been sitting in the vault that’s going to be release on thanksgiving. – S.M.

Slay Sundays: Scott Kane

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This weekend’s Slay Sunday goes out to Scott Kane. Scott had some leftover clips that haven’t been used and what better way then to Slay this Sunday with them. – S.M.

“Scott has always been one my favorite skaters and had a big influence on how I skate today” – M.S.

Throwback Thursdays: Scott Kane

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This week’s Throwback Thursdays goes out to our homie Scott Kane. Scott Kane’s Bootleg part was not on youtube for this weeks Throwback so i found his bonus footage from the bootleg dvd. The sound of skating with out music sometimes just sounds right. Scott has unbelievable talent and a raw style that will never be replace or duplicated. – S.M.