sammy baptista


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Nothing like style, Jay KLOTZ is a EAST COAST skater from PHILLY. From his pop to his trick selection you can tell he got style and a dope way to make his tricks look real buttery just watch!

Filmed By: Andrew Felt, Pat Heid and Sammy Baptista

Berrics Hype: Turf Global United

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So hyped for all the homies and seeing there stuff come together! TURF is killing and doing it right, Congrats!….”Were just a bunch of skaters that love it, were not really into it for any other motive…The end result of your trick, that feeling, that love, that smile, the high fives, THATS WHAT TURFS ABOUT!” – Mike York

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Throwback Thursday: Sammy Baptista

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This week’s Throwback Thursday goes out to Sammy Baptista in Shorty’s FulFill The Dream. It seems like most skaters that blow up when there little end up disappearing when they get older, the thing is that did not happen to sammy. Sammy has been killing it since he was a little kid. How many little kids can skate switch and regular like a man when they are young. Sammy your one of my favorite’s and hands down a legend to the skate world my friend. –S.M.

HYPE: Street Files 3 Teaser

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Nelly Mundo is back at it again but this time dropping something that will blow your mind and make you want to skate once you click play. Street Files 3 coming soon enjoy the teaser he put together with Sammy Baptista – S.M.