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This week’s Throwback Thursday goes out to Jeff Taylor in the Genesis video. Jeff Taylor is someone I always heard about growing up and never really seen anything from him til I got a little older and understood skateboarding more. The feeling I got after watching this video was pure happiness. Jeff style and tricks are undefinable and can not be duplicated. – S.M.

Throwback Thursday: Chany Jeanguenin

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This week’s Throwback Thursday goes Chany Jeanguenin in the “Genesis” video. I grew up watching videos that change skateboarding, this was a video that not only change skateboarding but change me growing up. Chany defiantly change skating after this video part came out, from the sw front heel over the hydrant to the 50-50 through that long kink rail, Chany made every trick look effortless. From past parts to present day, Chany will go down in the history books for this part. – S.M.

Guest Post – Felix!