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Where the VOX are we? Part 1, We spent the first few days skating Boston , MA, trying to hit as many spots as we could before we shipped out to Philly for a few days, We stayed with Jake Todd out side Philadelphia for a couple days then moved on to the DC-Baltimore area. The first part of the trip went well , stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

Featuring: Dave Bachinsky , Cody Mcentire, Matt Fenell, Brendan O’Conner, Sean Hernandez , Justin Clement , John Desimas , John Coyne

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FIlmed and Edited by Elliott Vecchia


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This interview was very important to me because i always admire Jimmy’s skating growing up. I met Jimmy a while back when i took a trip to philly and timmy who used to own nocturnal with kerry introduce me to jimmy. I was in aw couldn’t believed i just met Jimmy Gorecki, being a fan and a little kid just super excited to meet and skate with him, that same day we ended up skating kerry getz T.F. and being blown away. Every since then Jimmy has always remembered me and never change as a person. His skating is unique and his style is too. Here what Jimmy has to say. – S.M.

1. Who got you into skateboarding?

A group of brothers that lived up the street from my grandmoms house in Coatesville, PA. They were all super good and had legit boards. Than I my mom bought me the “psycho skate” video with Gator, Christian Hosoi, and Tony Hawk in it and I was hooked.

2. What was it like growing up in philly and skating love park everyday?

I actually grew up in Norristown, Pennsylvania skating with alot of my neighborhood friends.JR Neves actually lived really close to me so as a teenager me and him shredded alot. My mom actually took me to Love when I was 14 and parked her car on the side and read a book while I skated. I was pretty much hooked after that and would just take the R-6 or L to 69th street downtown every day to skate. I couldnt of asked for a better scenario because I got to grow up skating with all the dudes I really looked up to in the videos. Now some of them are my closest friends and family.

3. Where are your favorite places to skate now?

Philadelphia will always be my favorite city to skateboard. Now, out of convience its the parks they have built in Los Angeles. They’re basically replica parks of all your favorite street spots and plazas. The Venice Beach skatepark is also one of my favorites too. I really enjoy watching the kids skate the snake run there. I couldnt ever imagined having a creation like that to shred growing up but for the venice kids they all get down on that thing with their eyes closed.

4. When did you feel it was time to move out west?

5. Why did you move to LA? Question 4 is kinda the same for me.

Towards the end of my personal run with skateboarding I was working with the individuals at Dickhouse Productions. People know them fro their affiliations with skateboarding so anytime any television or film projects need help with that area of expertise naturally they’re the ones people call. The head producers there, Jeff Termaine and Shanna Zablow, called me one day and asked if i wanted to go help their friend who was directing a pilot episode for Disney Television about 2 kids that skateboard. I basically met with the director and his two partners and helped them create this episode with the skateboarding portion of it being as authentic as possible. I guess we did something right because 2 months later they called me and asked if i would please move to LA and work with them full time on the show. I agreed and 3 years later we have one of the highest rated shows Disney’s ever had and I’ve been able to use implement all of my knowledge and understanding of skateboarding through  streets of Philadelphia in it, as well as put a lot of money into a lot of skateboarders pockets and also into the register of ET skates in Hermosa Beach. The shows for a super young audience but I’ve had a number of people within skateboarding reach out to me and tell me their son or daughter, nephew, niece, etc were really into the show.

6. How is living in LA different from Philly?

I’d say the biggest difference is the pace. Even though I been coming here back and forth for over ten years, it still took some adjusting to rate that things get done here. Other than the food too its all kind of the same. I still hang with alot of Philadelphians and east coasters in general. we kick it, watch sports, and shoot the shit all the same. Every city has their pros and cons but its all good when its said and done. Some of the raddest people Ive ever met are people born and raised in Los Angeles. they give you a true sense of the city rather than what certain misconceptions may lead you to believe about this place.

This all of Jimmy footage put together and filmed by Vern Laird, footage was filmed from 1999 to 2010. Enjoy classic O.G. footage of Jimmy Gorecki.

Throwback Thursday: Ricky Oyola

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This Week Throwback Thursday Goes out to one of Philly’s finest Ricky Oyola in New Deal 7 Year Glitch. Ricky has always been known for going fast and attacking everything in site with style. His part in this video is very unique and fun to watch and makes you want to skate all the spots he skated with the same energy. – S.M.

Throwback Thursday: Kerry Getz

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This week Throwback Thursday goes out to the smooth style east coast tech machine Kerry Getz, in Habitat Mosaic. Kerry has always been one of my favorite skaters and when this part came out i was blown away by his opener line at love. This entire part has creativity and alot of amazing tricks, also be sure to check out his new part in the habitat origin video – S.M.