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Photo Update 11/25/12

So hyped to make dinner with the boys. First Thanksgiving with no females involved!

Sending out a special MSA package to a Twitter follower & another MSA iPhone 4 case. Thanks for the support!

Going filming for #SALTnPEPPER!

The footy for #SALTnPEPPER is getting so craze that we had to change the locks!

That new 2013  Grizzly hype… coming soon!

Top secret meetings & really good stuff coming up with Steve Berra / The Berrics / Dave Bachinsky for #SALTnPEPPER!

The “si se puede” crew!

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Manny Santiago, MSA - posted on November 25, 2012 by

9-10-11 Re-Edit Package Being Shipped

Congrats to David Jojola, the winner of the 9-10-11 Re-Edit Contest! Dave Bachinsky, Jonny Hernandez, & Manny Santiago put a package together for him. Hope you enjoy buddy, MSAcrew!

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Congrats to Nestor Bernache & Angel Colon for winning the “MSA Mystery” package over at Manny‘s Facebook Fan Page!

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