Nollie Flip

Photo Update 2/15/13

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Super hyped on the new pro Tensor Trucks colorways. Hyped on my black/red coloway!

It was such an amazing feeling to be a part of the 2012 X Games. This is a Nollie Flip into the bank!
Photo By: @JeremyAdams85

 Happy Valentine’s Day babe!.. you too @missmichelle15 😉

New Famous X MSA line drops tomorrow at!

Meeting of the minds with @tuliooliveira!

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Photo Update 9/4/12

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Nollie Flip_Chula 9_Axion Trip 2012

Front Feeble_Maloof Money Cup_NYC 2010

Nollie Backside Flip_Maloof Money Cup_NYC 2010

Kick Flip Front 50-50_Maloof Money Cup_NYC 2010

Kick Flip Back 50-50_Maloof Money Cup_South Africa 2011

Switch Flip_Maloof Money Cup_South Africa 2011

Back Smith_Maloof Money Cup_South Africa 2011

Frontside Flip_Maloof Money Cup_Washington D.C 2011

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SLAY SUNDAY: Brett Conti

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This week’s Slay Sunday goes to Brett Conti. He’s a good friend of mine and I have been honored to skate with him before. He continues to get better over time and never disappoints. Be sure to watch this video and share it around! – Harvey Soto

Filmed By: Sam Wood

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