New Years Revolution


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New Years Revolution is *AMMO* skateboards first promo featuring a few months of Manny Santiago, Javier Nuñez, and Felix’s skateboarding. We believe a montage of the *TROOP* in action was the best representation of their actual camaraderie they share. *AMMO* wishes you all the Happiest New Year and all the best in 2012.”


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I must say skateboarders have a lot ofCREATIVITY”, from making spots, using all sorts of obstacles to create art to just making something outta nothing. As for this photo, I tried a line here for the *AMMO* NEW YEARS REVOLUTION promo and after 2 hours of trying it I just could not land it. My board was beat so we decided to screw it to the tree right in front of the spot as a sign of a skateboard territory, hope you enjoyed our CREATIVITY!

Photo Friday: *AMMO* New Years Revolution

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Nothing like a new project right after finishing one to keep you on track, this weeks Photo Friday goes to the *AMMO*New Years Revolution” project, 1st day back from africa FELIX gets a trick at this Gap in Gap out ledge in LA, you’ll see the trick and more on December 31st.