music monday

Music Monday: “HOME”

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This week’s Music Monday goes out to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros with there song “Home”. I feel this vibe of season changing when I here this for some reason. You may listen to a song that can make you feel a certain way and it wouldn’t matter what day it is. Music has feelings just like people do find your way home when you listen to your choice of music. – S.M.

MUSIC MONDAY: Florence + The Machine

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This week’s Music Monday goes out to Florence + The Machine with there song “SHAKE IT OUT”. I am the type of person to listen to one song for more then a month before I find another one that gets played over and over again. I really enjoy listening to a song until I feel its right to move on to the next one. What I am trying to say that this will be one of your favorite songs after you listen to it. – S.M.

Enjoy your week and make it a positive one.

MUSIC MONDAY: Peter, Bjorn & John

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This week’s MUSIC MONDAY goes out to peter, bjorn & john with “up against the wall”. When I listen to this song I feel like I am at the lunch room in high school again hanging out with my friends and remembering the good times. Never forget the good times and you had with everyone in your life. – S.M.


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This week’s Music Monday goes out to our homie and Famous Family member Yelawolf with his hit single “lets roll” featuring kid rock. I heard of Yelawolf a little while back buzzing through the internet but it wasn’t until I moved out to cali and really started to here of him more. Long story short this song is going to be your favorite track of the year right. – S.M.


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People find it very hard to listen or admit they like the songs that are on the radio! As for myself i like any song that makes me move or makes me happy, i have no problem showing it either hence the post i just made hahaha enjoy this weeks Music Monday.