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Today I got a special treat for all you slayers. This Rapper/Beatsmith comes to you from none other than CHULA VISTA, SD. So it seem like everyone skates now, Rappers Rap about it, Actors Act like they skate. Makeshift ( Josh Vasquez) is about that SKATELIFE! I met him about 6 years ago skating the streets of SD, it’s safe to say we hit it off famously, he was a part of the whole Street Machine Movement that was happening in SD. You know he had to have been a Ripper with go to’s like back 180 nose grinds and backside over crooks; this half mexicano/black male has the official skate stamp. If  you ever run into Makeshift make sure you make him show you what he’s got, I hope you enjoy his music, he’s a very talented artist! You’ll be seeing him in full effect real soon, this album is ON PURPOSE everything ON PURPOSE !

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