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Saturday Night Lights Episode 1: East On The West

This new segment on MSA is all about skating at night with your homies. We use the “Skate Spot App” to find spots and then we set out with our crew, the generator, & lights.

This episode takes us to a foundation gap in Anaheim and a school with sick blue ledges. Massachusetts crew is in full effect in this episode! We have Manny Santiago, Chhandy Khon, Gavin Nolan, Jake Dooley, Serge Murphy, & Eric Martinac all from MA. Eduardo Craig makes a guest appearance as the LA Local killing it as always.

Enjoy! More “Saturday Night Lights” to come!

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Manny Santiago skates Jkwon on a rainy day

Sometimes you just make the most out of a bad situation & if any of you know Manny Santiago, you know that is exactly what he does! We had a little drizzle at our Sunday spot in LA, but it didn’t slow Manny down one bit. – Felix

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HOMIE HYPE: Paul Rodriguez

Here’s Paul Rodriguez & Nike SB riders at the LA 2013 Street League at X-Games

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Street League X-Games LA 2013 Finals

Here’s a recap of the Street League X-Games 2013 finals in LA

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Desert Days With Manny Santiago & Dave Bachinsky

Weekend Skate trip to Palm Springs with Manny Santiago, Dave Bachinsky, & friends. The average temperature was 100 Degrees, definitely the hottest weather I’ve ever skated in. After a long day of shredding with the local crew, we ended up camping out under a full moon. Got up the next day & skated ’till late night, then hit the road back to LA. We had a great time thanks to the whole Palm Springs crew.  Special thanks to Auggie Greene.

Featuring: Dave Bachinsky, Manny Santiago, Tom Rohrer, Nick Govatsos, David Garcia, Angel Saucedo, Nick Zizzo, David Jaime, & Mike Brown

For trip photos go to

A video by Elliott Vecchia
Additional filming by James Buchmann

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Check out these sick NYC, LA, & SF *AMMO* boards coming out at Agenda this year!

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Black Friday: The Fast Life

Black Friday over at the @thefastlifela for Famous gear, starts at 5am!!!!!

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This bug blessed the day.

Nickman and Donfro make it to LA!

Spanish Mike filming Dave get some clips for his video part he is putting out.

Krooking it!

Kids will always be kids, Little jonny Techdecking his like away! Haha

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FAMOUS: “On Board” With Aquil Brathwaite

Famous Stars and Straps will be giving you a glimpse of what it’s like being “On Board” with the skate team. Aquil Brathwaite follows Kurtis Colamonico’s commercials with a sidewalk session in Downtown LA with special guest Ishod Wair. Follow Aquil at @Aquilbrathwaite for more skateboarding through his eyes!

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Go Skateboarding Day 2012: Lincoln Plaza, LA

Here’s the Nike demo for Go Skateboarding Day 2012 at the Lincoln Plaza in Los Angeles filmed by Doug Des Autels. Featuring: Kick Rocha, Chris Mendez, Cameron Spivey, Paul Hart, Johnny Hernandez, Auby Taylor, Yuto Kojima, Nick Tucker, Manny Santiago, Omar Salazar, Daryl Angel, Shane O’neill

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