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Fun Files 11/26/13

Fun Files with Carlos Zarazua, Torey Pudwill, Manny Santiago, & Justin Schulte

Filmed by Dan Abadi & Spanish Mike

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Lil Wayne Compares Skateboarding To Rapping

Lil Wayne brought New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward a blast of positivity at the DEWeezy skate park grand opening with Paul Rodriguez and Theotis Beasley. After skating the park, Weezy reveals how his experience as a skateboarder compares to music in his life and his main goal of legitimately getting on a flow program. Dew skaters P-Rod and Theotis also talk about what it’s like to skate with Wayne.

The DEWeezy skate park project, spearheaded by Lil Wayne with support from Mountain Dew, aims to help revitalize the Katrina-ravaged neighborhood through skateboarding. Fellow Dew Team skaters Keelan Dadd, Justin Schulte, Cody Davis, Boo Johnson, & Carlos Zarazua also skated during the epic first session.

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HOMIE HYPE: Justin Schulte

Justin Schulte skateboarding at Paul‘s private skatepark in LA, California!

Filmed/Edited By: Dan Abadi

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Shout out to Nick Tucker, Josh Kalis, Aiden Campbell, Danny Amaguchi , Mika Edin , Jonny Hernandez, Paul Hart, Daniel Gronwall, Chance Eldridge, Dan Abadi, Joe Krolick, Justin Schulte, Joey Brezinski, Yuto Kojima, Felix, Javier Nunez, Chaz Ortiz, Mike Gueffy, Andrew Pott, Aquil Brathwaite, Luis Tolentino, Boo Johnson, Ugly Lui, Lenny Rivas, Sebo Walker, Enrique Lorenzo, Pete Eldridge, Dave Bachinsky, Carlos Ribeiro, Trent Mcclung, Paul Rodriguez, Derrick Wilson, Wade Desarmo, Keelan Dadd, Manny Santiago, Alber Leandro, Daniel Rodriguez, Kurtis Colamonico, Roger Bagely, Eric Koston, Kenny Anderson, Guy Mariano, and all the rest of the *FAMMO* not featured for supporting the movement… Now go have a great GO SKATEBOARDING DAY!     *AMMO*

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MOUNTAIN DEW HYPE: Keelan Dadd – Behind The Scenes

Follow Keelan Dadd during the 2012 Mountain Dew Skateboarding team shoot, as he documents and captures everything that went down. From Paul Rodriguez‘s Training Facility to street spots around L.A., Keelan gives you exclusive access to the team.

Filmed By: Dario Rezk

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@KeelanDadd @PRod84 @BooRx

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MOUNTAIN DEW HYPE: Justin Schulte – Welcome To The Team

Joining Boo Johnson on the Mountain Dew Skateboarding team is Justin Schulte. See what makes Justin such a beast and watch as Paul Rodriguez personally welcomes him to the team.

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