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“My Friend, Van Wastell” Trailer

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“My Friend, Van Wastell” is a tribute to the friend, person, & the skateboarder who was taken away from us too soon on September 5, 2008 but will forever roll with us in spirit. Van Wastell. This video is a small glimpse into Van’s world as told by his friends. Full episodes coming soon to Classic Clips on the Skateintheday Channel.


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Shout out to Nick Tucker, Josh Kalis, Aiden Campbell, Danny Amaguchi , Mika Edin , Jonny Hernandez, Paul Hart, Daniel Gronwall, Chance Eldridge, Dan Abadi, Joe Krolick, Justin Schulte, Joey Brezinski, Yuto Kojima, Felix, Javier Nunez, Chaz Ortiz, Mike Gueffy, Andrew Pott, Aquil Brathwaite, Luis Tolentino, Boo Johnson, Ugly Lui, Lenny Rivas, Sebo Walker, Enrique Lorenzo, Pete Eldridge, Dave Bachinsky, Carlos Ribeiro, Trent Mcclung, Paul Rodriguez, Derrick Wilson, Wade Desarmo, Keelan Dadd, Manny Santiago, Alber Leandro, Daniel Rodriguez, Kurtis Colamonico, Roger Bagely, Eric Koston, Kenny Anderson, Guy Mariano, and all the rest of the *FAMMO* not featured for supporting the movement… Now go have a great GO SKATEBOARDING DAY!     *AMMO*