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Manny Santiago Soul To Sole Axion “Heritage” Shoe

Manny Santiago discusses why he skates the Axion Heritage shoe and why it is his weapon of choice.

Music By: MoBrobb

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HOMIE HYPE: Ryan Sheckler & More

Here’s a picture from Manny‘s Facebook Fan Page with Ryan Sheckler.

 Here’s another picture from Manny with a caption that read “had to wear my boy Miguel Cotto‘s color way for such an amazing performance. #Axion #Fall12 #TeamCotto #Boricua”.

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Here are a few pictures from Manny‘s Facebook Fan Page. The first picture shows Manny wearing the Axion Heritage shoe in the blue/grey colorway. The second picture shows Hollywood High, where he finished his X Games Real Street part recently. The third picture shows Manny and Chad Muska!

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Day 1: Matt Williams joins the trip as the video guy, what you may not know is he filmed most of my 9-10-11 part. Follow him through out the trip on Twitter/Instagram: SKATESTACHE

Day 2: Nothing like tour food, haha Lunchables Pizza.

Day 3: Lady at the gas station was feeling the red toe “Heritage” so much she made me take them off!

Day 4: Thanks to Daniel & everyone at Midtown skate park in Orlando for letting us shred the park, If your in the area I recommend you go by and check it out!

Day 5: Always nothing but comedy when I run into Bert Wootton! Peep the “diptic” portrait hahaha Weekendtage All Day.

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