happy birthday


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This photo was taken the day of my 21st birthday last year at cross roads and it just shows how much time has flown by. This photo to me is a classic and will be the one you look back on and laugh about like today which is manny’s birthday. My shirt in this photo represents more then just a skaters birthday but my best friends hard work that he put into his video part last year and just everything he has done in skateboarding. Just in one year i seen so many amazing things happen for manny and I am just thankful to be able to capture those moments. – S.M.

Happy Birthday Manny Santiago



“One Dream Later”

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This post truly means a lot to me. It’s my birthday and i am 21 but its just more than a number. This number, date is a whole year since i thought of making the move to california and following through with my dream. The craziest thing about turning 21 is all the freedom you get that could easily be taken away with one stupid move. The thing about being 21 and making your dreams into a reality are kinda nuts, others may doubt you for what you want to do in life but that should not stop you for making the decisions thats going to change your life. Theres 21 year olds with families, working at jobs they didn’t intend on working at, going to college and figuring out this is not what i wanted to do. You are young once live it while you can. – S.M


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Today is Steve Berra Birthday. The birthday of a professional in skateboarding and also a professional in the creation of The Berrics. The berrics is not only a website with just content of the greatest skateboarders in the world. The website is an outlet for skaters to view it up close and personal. Steve has done so much for skateboarding with not only creating an amazing website and giving back to everyone, but also releasing amazing skate parts over the years. I think today we all should raise are glasses for a pioneer and someone who is going to keep pushing the bar for years to come. – S.M.



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Today is Chicago’s finest Chaz Ortiz Birthday. Chaz has been killing it in the streets and on the contest scene and we all know today he is going to be celebrating it like a boss. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Chaz and enjoy your day homie. – S.M.