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Today is Eric Koston’s Birthday, i just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY Koston and congratulations on the new shoe as well. I would like everyone to raise their glasses up and give Eric a cheers for everything he has done for skateboarding.



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Koston Hype: Nike Koston NO.1s

The wait is finally over Koston first shoe on Nike comes out in July. Comfort and style at your feet. – S.M.

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Throwback Thursday: Richard Mulder

This week’s Throwback Thursday goes out to the homie Richard Mulder in the “Mouse” video. This video had such a impact on my life when i started skating. Richard was one of the skaters that stood out of my mind when i seen this video. What you don’t realize is that most of his part is switch. Skaters that have style that stand out are the ones to be remembered and richard is one of those poeple. – S.M.

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Throwback Thursday: Guy Mariano

This week Throwback Thursday goes out to none other then Guy Mariano in girl’s “Mouse” video. Why Guy Mariano this week, well let me tell you this there are certain people that can have a very big impact on your life from there skating and guy mariano is one of them. This part always be a favorite, a classic, to all of those who seen this or heard of guy no matter what age you are this part will always stay young. - S.M.

Shout out to Heath Brinkley for picking this week Throwback Thursday

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Throwback Thursday: Sean Sheffey

This weeks Throwback Thursday goes out to Sean Sheffey in the mouse video. This part is one of the best part i think that sean sheffey has drop in my eyes. One its a clasic, two sean is boss and three he is back and in full effect. – S.M.

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