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“Where The Vox Are We” Bordeaux, France

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“We Made it”

Bread, France?

Free outdoor hype

Darwin Skate House Project

Sandstone Portraits – Josh Hawkins

Jeremy Plisson

Notre Groupe: Ben, Rmy, Iohn

Good morning, shotgun not bitch. 2 hour drive north leaving Spain we drove up to Bordeaux, France at 8am. We had 72 hours in France and we put 55 of those hours to use, When we arrived I didn’t realize how outgoing this city was going to be. Bike friendly, giant parks, river walks, free outdoor exercise classes, everything was going. It was a beautiful cleaned up city, made of sandstone buildings & modern star trek trains everywhere for easy transportation.

The next day met up with Jordan Hoffort’s friend, Jeremy Plisson. He basically took us under his wing, He showed us the Darwin Projects, architect Francois Perrin / Gil Lebon Delapoints built a modern skate house in some old military apartments. It was a amazing piece they have made, when we went into the warehouse 15 – 20 little kids were running all around. They let the neighbor center use the warehouse, so kids have something to do it’s amazing what they have. I have to give a shout of thanks to Jeremy & his wife for the hospitality, amazing breakfast and good times..

Thanks Hoff Distribution (Ben, Remy, & Iohn) as well, You guys kill it!

Pierre Qui Roule Bike shop was super helpful with fixing my bike thanks so much!