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WILD POWER HYPE: Forrest Edwards Trailer

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The most entertaining independent skate video of the century. WILD POWER features the best skateboarders in Southern California and the gnarliest tricks you will ever see. Get hyped to skate and watch this video!! With 12 full parts and 2 montages, featuring your favorite Pro’s, Am’s, & up and coming skaters. This is the must see skate video of the year!!

FEATURING: Alex Gourdouros, Richie Amador, Mike “Money” Fiti, Nick McLouth, Zach Wagner, Sean McNulty, Jeff Mikut, Sierra Fellers, Daniel Cutcliffe, Tony Montgomery, & Forrest Edwards

A FILM BY: Mike Marasco, Eric Longden, & Cricket

HOMIE HYPE: Forrest Edwards Follow Up

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Watch and check out Forrest Edwards follow up video after Slap one in a million is over. Forrest speaks on how he felt after it was all over. Forrest is seriously one of the coolest person i ever met and just love’s skateboarding to the fullest. – S.M.