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HYPE: Famous Double Rock

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The Famous team does not stop after there premiere of “Everywhere We Go” in S.F. the crew stop over at the Thrasher park and filmed an amazing double to celebrate it. Watch how Kurtis, Manny, Felix, Luis, and Andrew put it down. The Famous video will be out on DVD and itunes later this month so look out for that. – S.M.

Who,What,Where,When,Why,How: Felix

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“Eveywhere We Go” has not only been a long journey for the crew but has been a great success. I got the opportunity to interview Felix and asked him questions in a¬†different way. This is the first of many interviews to drop, so what better way to start things off with Felix. – S.M.

1. Who’s your favorite part in the video?

Luis’s he did the most “raw skating” just pushing limits in the streets…

2. What motivated you during the filming of everywhere we go?

The team motivates me, i surround myself with pitbulls so you get tougher…if you roll with kitty cats you’ll end up pussy.

3. Where did filming for a video come into play?

Everything i touch is official or will quickly become that way. i enjoy building programs, brands, careers etc… i find great satisfaction in strengthening my surroundings. If your gonna have a skateboard program your gonna have a video… period!

4. When did filming for the video ever get stressful?

I couldn’t make a trick overseas i never had such a slump in my life, i actually had thoughts of pulling myself out of the video… But if you ENDURE YOU CONQUER!

5. Why did you pick Joe Krolick and Arron Brown to film and edit the video?

Those guys eat and breath skateboarding like i do. They are even harsher critics than i am. So flanking myself with the best i knew i would be able to deliver the goods. My last beginning to end skateboarding video was the Rhythm video Genesis with Ty Evan and Jose Gomez 14 years ago. I think the famous video will also be talk about later on down the line.

6. How do you feel about the video being done?

I am never satisfied in my work, i never have the feeling that i have done enough. I have this attitude: i always think i could do more, i could do better. – Karl Lagerfeld