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Homie Hype: Dana Ericson

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Its always dope to see new footy, specially when its the homies! Big up to Dana Ericson for this RAW east coast part!….Super buttery and a lot of tricks people cant do……JUST WATCH!

Homie Hype: Nate Jackson

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Always dope to see homies new footy, specially since their from
around the same area, you can always tell by how cutty and
grimy the spots are, here some east coast spots! – Nate Jackson

Throwback Thursday: Kerry Getz

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This week Throwback Thursday goes out to the smooth style east coast tech machine Kerry Getz, in Habitat Mosaic. Kerry has always been one of my favorite skaters and when this part came out i was blown away by his opener line at love. This entire part has creativity and alot of amazing tricks, also be sure to check out his new part in the habitat origin video – S.M.