Darren Miller

“Where The Vox Are We” Europe

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23 days of Europe instagramed up

Cody Mcentire

Rainy days in Germany

Darren Miller “One more try”

Cody Mcentire Trip Life

This is my last post for our 23 day adventure through out Europe. When I picked these photos out, This is what I saw in the trip. It’s the everyday hype we experienced. Thanks to the Vox crew for making these missions amazing, all the distributions that supported us, and everyone that helped make this trip happen. Cheers to y’all an keep it going!

Dave Bachinsky

“Where The Vox Are We” Rotterdam, Holland

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1984 Rotterdam Architecture

Jordan Hoffart – Leaving to go up to Rotterdam

Darren Miller – Endless hours of filming

Rod Stewart of Rotterdam

Tim Zom – Rotterdam Local, He’s the sickest!

Josh Hawkins – This is the warehouse that we stayed at!

Cody McentireBs. Tail (It was the last photo I had on the roll, Sorry for the eh shot ha)

So it’s our last day in Germany and we all eating at this buffet talking about our plans of our next destination Amsterdam, apparently no one knows who is picking us up. We give a call to the Vox team manger back in the US to figure it all out. He gives us the news the distribution dropped our section of the tour and no one told us this, till the day before we left Germany.

Luckily a distribution in Rotterdam hooked us up big time and gave us a warehouse to sleep at (Thanks Mike, Alex & Adriaan). Mike took us around the towns and we got to meet up with a ton of locals, one of them being Tim Zom If you haven’t heard of him, check out the video below. I never heard of him till this trip and he’s the fucking man & Rips it up.

Check out Fluff Magazine, Marcel Veldman runs it, He held it down the whole time in Holland. Thanks so much for being the dude!

I also gotta give a shout out to:

Mike (For taking us under his wing!), Sebastian (Shredding!), Alex (Thanks for the room space), Stephan (for the camera talk), Adriaan Burger (Thanks for the room space / I’m getting my pilots license hopefully someday dude!)

Tim Zom Thrasher Part

See y’all next year! Were planning a moped trip! (Alex lets do this!!!)

“Where The Vox Are We” Europe – Bordeaux, France

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Go left to Shred

The Crew

Cody Mcentire – Kickflip

Darren Miller – Bs. Ollie

Cody Mcentire – Fs. 5-0

Thanks for coming out!

The Contemporary Art Museum of Bordeaux, France made the worlds longest mini ramp, 160 feet long. It was amazing to charge as fast as you could & fs. 5050. It was one of the most amazing demos I’ve ever skated, Everyone was ripping it up, & the crowd was so hyped. Thanks for having us Bordeaux and everyone coming out. To see the building process  click here.


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 Pin it  Zarautz, Spain

 Cody Mcentire – Fs. Cruisen

Cody Mcentire “LIP”

Jordan Hoffart – Fs. 5-0

Darren Miller hyped on Josh Hawkins ripping!

Sun Down

We hit the air, 12 hour flight with a additional 2 hour transfer flight arriving in Bordeaux, France. We met up with the dudes from Hoff Distribution (Ben, Remy) to greet us. They purposed to us we had a 2 hour drive south. We were a little overwhelmed but we were ready to start this trip off right, Straight to the coast of Spain, Heck yea! We headed through country sides mingling around small mountains sides till we arrived at Zarautz, Spain.

We were greeted with paradise views, a dozen year old park with a 10 ft. half pipe  and a small bowl section. We were all so stoked on the location. After a couple of hours of skating we were exhausted, we met the local Iohn. He showed us the local spots to eat and enjoy the area, thanks so much for making our visit rad! At this point we pushed 34 hours of being awake, We couldn’t wait to hit the beds.

Dave Bachinsky