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Live & Learn POPR 2014 Episode 1: “The Tour”

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“Live & Learn” with Manny Santiago, where you get an insight on Manny’s adventures in his everyday life.

In this episode: Manny & the skate crew cruise around San Juan, Juana Diaz, & Aibonito looking for good skate spots around the island of Puerto Rico. Manny sees a local skater do some great tricks in Aibonito & invites him to to compete in the Prince of Puerto Rico Competition. The crew give back to the Arecibo Skatepark by building a new obstacle, doing a demo, & hosting a surprise “best trick” contest at the demo for a chance to win the golden ticket straight to the Prince of Puerto Rico 2014 Finals!

Watch to see where Manny ends up on his next episode. WEPA!

Music by: Killa K Beats
Instagram: @killakbeatz