Billy Roper


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MSA presents, “LIVE&LEARN” with Manny Santiago; where you will get a insight on Manny’s adventures in his everyday life. In this episode, Manny, Dave, and Spanish Mike head to San Francisco, CA, for a ‘Salt n Pepper’ filming mission. During their day, they link up with Thrasher Photographer, Dan Zavalasky, to capture some tricks with Dave for ‘Salt n Pepper.’ Meanwhile, Manny gets a call from Billy Roper to let the crew know about a DIY spot. When the crew arrives to the spot they end up meeting up with Jeremy Knibbs, Jack Curtain, Nick Matlin, and the GX 1000 crew. Watch and enjoy Manny’s life and everyday skate adventures, WEPA!
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Berrics Hype: Turf Global United

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So hyped for all the homies and seeing there stuff come together! TURF is killing and doing it right, Congrats!….”Were just a bunch of skaters that love it, were not really into it for any other motive…The end result of your trick, that feeling, that love, that smile, the high fives, THATS WHAT TURFS ABOUT!” – Mike York

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Photo Friday: Jon Kearny

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This weeks Photo Friday is pretty funny, well they all are! hahaha While out in LA Yuto, Billy Roper, Felix, Jon Kearny and I went out to check this over the rail spot. As Jon was warming up doing kickflips, Billy and I were shooting the lurker Iphone photos. I saw Billys “Through the Fence” angle and added my on spin to it….Here ya go Billy! Where is your? hahaha Enjoy this weeks Photo Friday and Jon Kearny steezy kickflip!

Another LA day

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Woke up, G0t a text from Jeremy Adams
saying “Whats The Plan?” so i told him to get
breakfast and then come swoop because i still
had to blog and do emails, then 20 minutes go by
and says “hey lets go i got Theotis in the car!
so i was like word i got dressed, then out day started….
Met up with Chad Fernandez, Matt Williams, Billyroper, and Yuto!
you know it was a fun day….good
way to start Halloween Weekend muahahahaha

I dont know if guys seen this Mag Minute but
the Homie Matt Gottwig got it in! Mag minutes are
supposed to be 1 minute but matt snuck in 3!
Look up at the photo above…Yupp he ollied into that,
youll see soon enough….5 Dolla Richer haha