Photo Update 12/1/12

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Sewing a new custom AMMO hat while icing my knees. Great way to end my Thursday night!

Got the MSA X @flatfitty sample yesterday, hyped. Dropping soon…

#SALTnPEPPER @berrics project, coming soon!

It’s about to get live @935KDAY with @Cece935KDAY & @tattoolovesla in the studio. If you’re from LA, stay tuned to 93.5… we go live Monday at 7am!

Vote for everyone!.. but vote for @mickypapzzz!

Nothing like a cup of coffee to one of my favorite parts ever!

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Berrics Hype: Turf Global United

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So hyped for all the homies and seeing there stuff come together! TURF is killing and doing it right, Congrats!….”Were just a bunch of skaters that love it, were not really into it for any other motive…The end result of your trick, that feeling, that love, that smile, the high fives, THATS WHAT TURFS ABOUT!” – Mike York

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Berrics Hype: Nollie Heel 4 I-Phones

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Albert Nyberg who’s is completely amazing on a skateboard was doing a “Text Yo’Self” at the Berrics and some kid wrote in “Nollie Heel Over The Phone” so him and grant ask me to do it! haha knowing the Berrics phone is more valuable than my life haha i was a bit sketched at first but then when i realized it was 1 inche high i wasn’t so nervous, until Ronnie stacked 4 I-PHONES which is a total of $2,400 and a lot higher! oh man….

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“Everywhere We Go” @The Berrics

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Crowd started forming at the berrics for the video

manny bummed on his crack screen but deep inside hype about the premiere

felix always making powermoves right before the video starts

randy giving enrique a little insight on the video

javier and luis waiting for the madness to begin

get them while you can