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Check out Nelly Mundo’s edit of the axion demo at the new jersey black diamond skatepark. Watch Manny and Kyle handle it while having fun. – S.M.

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Axion team took a week trip to S.F. and filmed a Double Rock. Limon came onto the sesh and killed it as well. The team was trap in a warehouse for a week and came out with this bangin montage. – S.M.

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AXION HYPE: TransWorld & Stoner Plaza

Nelly Mundo put together these 2 edits from the 2 week axion trip we all just went on. The crew stop over at Transworld to film a park section for the site, and on the last day of the trip we all ended up heading out to LA to skate Stoner Plaza. This footage speaks for itself and is priceless. – S.M.

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