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On April 9th of 2012, Next Up Anaheim was proud to have special guests from Axion Footwear! Manny Santiago, Vitor Borger and Jeff Lenoce came out to skate and hang out with everyone. Everyone skated a lot and had a lot of fun, the kids got some free stuff, and the guys signed some autographs as well! It was a great day for everyone and a great start to our Spring here at Next Up. A big thanks to Mark Brandstetter from Axion and Manny, Jeff and Vitor as well! We hope to see you guys again soon! – Next Up

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Axion Cali Tour: Day 1

Good way to start the AXION California Tour….Denny’s!

Haha Mike Maldonado has a $100 bet to keep this handle bar mustache the whole trip, This should be good!

Overload Skateshop got my first *AMMO* pro model board on the wall!

Happy Birthday to AXION rep ISH!

Kyle Nicholson kills every spot we skate! Peep this bigspin front board…he gets a Beer for the MSA sticker on the board, haha!

Mark and Corey getting the filming and photo job done.

Once again Kyle gets another trick, tre flip warm up.

Backside Flip.

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Axion Focus: Manny Santiago

Manny Santiago – Switch Bigspin Board
Axion Shoes – Mandelas(White/Gum)
Sequence: REDA
Sylmar High School

- S.M

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Axion Focus: Kyle Nicholson

Kyle Nicholson – Blunt Tre Flip
Axion Shoes – Atlas(Black/Grey,Neon)
Sequence: Mark Brandstetter
Active Wearhouse Mini Ramp

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Hype: Motivation

While on the west coast AXION tour last year, we were at a spot in the IE and we notice some kid running from the distance towards the van. Once he caught up and outta breath he was super hyped to meet us, gave him a couple stickers and we kept it moving. So happens just last week while on another AXION trip we stop by a park in Pomona and across the park their us Razy once again a year later! super hyped to see him again so we chatted it up and then we had to be on our way but not before i hooked him up with 2 pairs of shoes and a board!….Glad to see you enjoyed the stuff Razy and…..Keep on pushing!

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AXION Focus: Kevin Taylor

So i got a hold of Kevins sequence and i wanted to do something cool with it, i have always had this idea. I usually just black and white photos and leave a little color like red, oranges, greens ect… so when Mark gave me this i knew it was the time to put this style into work! Im going to be posting this regularly….just “Focus on the AXIONS!”

Kevin Taylor – Switch Hardflip
Axion Shoes – Atlas(Red/White)
Sequence: Mark Brandstetter
Stoner Park

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Photo Friday: Limon Jenkins

This weeks Photo Friday is a little late but it’s a good one! Everyone meet Limon Antawn Marriweather Jenkins….You’ll know soon enough

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Axion East Coast Tour Recap

AXION NORTH EAST TOUR PT 1 from axion footwear on Vimeo.

AXION NORTH EAST TOUR PT 2 from axion footwear on Vimeo.

Just a little reminder on how the last year has been with AXION and how much fun we have had, seeing the brand grow back and seeing people hyped is probably the best part of it!….heres the video from our “North East Coast Tour“….Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

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