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HOMIE HYPE: Austin Kanfoush

Here’s a throwback of Austin Kanfoush from The Brovas

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S.M.T.V. Axion “Trying To Live” 2011 Trip

I went on a 2 week trip with the Axion team and documented history. These four parts are not only a reply of my trip with team but defiantly going to be a big impactful moment in my life, and i am gonna remember this forever. I learned so much just being on a trip with a team like this. We all got a long like brothers and taught each other new things. – S.M.


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THRASHER HYPE: Austin Kanofoush Firing Line

Austin got this week’s Firing Line on the Thrasher website. Austin did this line with ease and steeze. – S.M.


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AXION HYPE: TransWorld & Stoner Plaza

Nelly Mundo put together these 2 edits from the 2 week axion trip we all just went on. The crew stop over at Transworld to film a park section for the site, and on the last day of the trip we all ended up heading out to LA to skate Stoner Plaza. This footage speaks for itself and is priceless. – S.M.

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Axion 2011 Trip: “Trying To Live” Trailer

This is the trailer of 5 dudes 2 filmers 1 Team manager,

“Trying To Live”

This is there story – S.M.

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Axion Hype: Tampa Am 2010

Manny and Austin enjoying the Tampa AM weather and the park this is some of footage from there tampa am weekend enjoy – S.M.

Axion Team Tampa Am 2010 from axion footwear on Vimeo.

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Axion Hype: Austin Kanfoush

Austin finishes his Axion Welcome Video and
comes out swinging with style, speed and power!
Pittsburgh stand up for
your boy Austin Kanfoush!

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